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Sunday Editions 

/Sahnday Edishuns/

Sunday Editions is a Paris-based contemporary fashion brand dedicated to timeless, effortless and raw beauty pieces driven by the ineffable feeling of comfort that comes with the Sunday.

Our ethos is to be simple and considered. This mantra threads through every part of our design process, resulting in products that are humble and without artifice. Less really is more.

We design with the intent that our styles will last a lifetime and don’t become obsolete with the changing of the seasons. We are timeless, with purpose; in each product’s aesthetic so that they transcend trends, but importantly also in manufacturing with integrity so that our products stand the test of time.

Quality is our utmost priority. We ensure our garments fit and perform exactly as they need to. We work in close partnership with our Turkish manufacturers to maintain the high quality we expect of ourselves, and you have come to expect of us.

This year, we are introducing the "Sunday Market" an online market with a variety of goods related to the concept & mood of Sundays -- some designed & produced by Sunday Editions and others from makers we have gotten to know personally and respect. This assortment of items is meant to positively contribute to your life -- whether in your home, well-being or style. 

Our goal since day one was to build an uplifting company, through our product, our spirit and the value we create. We hope you feel that when you interact with us and wear our clothes.

And that’s all, I encourage you to visit our website and check the products we make.

Otherwise, if you have any questions, ideas, feedback, or something to share, you can reach me directly anytime at info@sundayeditions.com. I love hearing from our customers and the community.



Fatouma Abounaaim
Owner, Sunday Editions 

The founder

Fatouma Abounaaim

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